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We place design quality at the heart of our business whether we are developing low cost housing or a flagship office building. We employ leading design teams that understand our approach and commitment to delivering schemes of the highest quality.

Urbo clearly distinguish between the need for sound urban design and inspiring architecture. We believe in large area regeneration, the proper design of a place must come first having due regard to the need for a hierarchy of streets and public spaces. These spaces can then be animated by a mixture of uses creating vitality within a clear framework for buildings. The individual buildings can then take form using inspirational design to provide excitement and variety in our new urban neighbourhoods.

Our commitment to good quality design is illustrated by our approach to Chesterfield Waterside and Canal Road, Bradford. These are typical of our work in urban areas where supporting great design to create new mixed use neighbourhoods is the best approach to achieving successful regeneration. Urbo strive to apply these techniques whilst having a full regard to the commercial realities of sound property development. We manage all of this by taking a "value-added" rather than "costcutting" approach. Great design creates great places which increase development values fostering project viability.