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Environment and Sustainability

We are committed to a sustainable approach to the design and use of the buildings and spaces we create, minimising the impact on the environment and helping to secure a better environment for future generations.

Urbo recognise that the design, construction and use of buildings can have a major impact on the environment. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and embrace current best practice in design and construction. This ensures all development meets and exceeds the most stringent standards on design and environmental quality.

Urbo has worked with our colleagues at Arnold Laver to demonstrate a solid practical commitment to our environmental approach. In developing Lavers' 25,000 sq. m. new national production and distribution facility at Mosborough, Sheffield, we have developed a number of designed-in environmental benefits including a full waste recycling system. This has involved creating a bespoke engineering solution of collapsible containers to collect and recycle waste from their national network using existing vehicle journeys to supply waste wood fuel. This supplies 100% of the plant's heating. In addition rainwater is collected and used in the timber treatment plants, replacing traditional chemical treatments. Surplus water supplies a new wetland habitat for frogs, newts and other wildlife.